Beatrice Ogutu - Skillful Parenting in East Africa

Children need a safe and caring home to grow up healthy and happy, but this is far from reality for many children in developing countries. Multiple risks include poverty, lack of nurturing and responsive care, poor nutrition and violence.

A growing body of research from low-income and middle-income countries shows that parenting programs can be effective for reducing levels of violence against children and promoting optimal child development in low-resource settings.

ICS-SP combines evidence-based parenting programs with agribusinesses in rural parts of Africa and has been chosen in recognition of its unique model, to serve as an example of best practice highly relevant for the broader area of child development in deprived rural contexts.

Short documentary
8 min  -  2016

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“If we invest in the early years of children, then we almost guarantee our future as a community, as a nation, as a continent.”

Beatrice Ogutu, ICS Kenya  

Cast & Crew


Oliver Paulus - director
Alexandra Guentzer, Lavinia Jacobs, Oliver Paulus - producers
Roni Ulmann - director of photography
Oliver Paulus - editor
Joel Sebunjo - music

a Jacobs Foundation - Motorfilm Production

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