Orazio Attanasio - “Investment” in Early Childhood Development

Professor Orazio P. Attanasio, Head of the Department of Economics at University College London (UCL) and Research Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies at London, has pushed research frontiers by using economic models in combination with field experiments to assess and shape health and education policies in early childhood development in low-income and middle-income settings.

Short documentary
8 min  -  2016

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“We estimated over two-hundred million kids under five in developing countries not reaching at anything like their potential.”

Sally Grantham-McGregor, Emeritus Professor of Internaional Child Health

Cast & Crew


Oliver Paulus - director
Alexandra Guentzer, Lavinia Jacobs, Oliver Paulus - producers
Roni Ulmann - director of photography
Oliver Paulus - editor
Erdal Tosun - music

a Jacobs Foundation - Motorfilm Production

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