Making a Change


10 people - 10 visions - Millions of lives changed

Ten individual stories told along a child’s developmental journey from early childhood over primary and secondary school until entering the job market.

A journey around the world facing a lot of abuse and deficiency – and discovering ten passionate people dedicating their lives to give children and youth in underprivileged societies an opportunity to life their full potential.

57 min - 2018

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“My personal motivation is freedom. I want these children to be free, I would say political, economic, social freedom to be able to live their potential.”

Nathalia Mesa, aeioTU, Colombia  

“If a child is holding an automatic weapon here, it’s prison, punishment and repression. And it doesn’t work. So, forget even moral questions, it’s not about whether they should or shouldn’t be doing that, it’s about they’re a child, they’re adolescent, it’s our job as adults to protect them and make sure they don’t get in that situation.”

Luke Dowdney, Fight for Peace, Brazil  

Director’s note

“MAKING A CHANGE honors the restless achievements of ten outstanding people dedicating their lives to the benefit of children in underprivileged societies, in slums, in refugee camps, in absolute poverty – in order to create opportunities to develop the children's potential. An utmost need in times like ours where millions of children are displaced, pursued or killed and hundreds of millions of children in vulnerable social classes can’t reach anything like their potential – which means to consign them to the fate of becoming a “lost generation” with fatal consequences not only for their lives.

For me personally it was a very touching experience to meet all these incredible people triumphing in the face of adversity for many years and making real change happen.”

“By the end of the century 50 percent of youth will be African and so I think it’s a really important time to lay the foundation for this next generation to have the skills for tomorrow.”

Boris Bulayev, Educate!, Uganda  

Cast & Crew


Bob Geldof - narrator 

Oliver Paulus - director
Alexandra Guentzer, Lavinia Jacobs, Oliver Paulus - producers
Roni Ulmann - director of photography
Oliver Paulus - editor
Ramón Orza - sound design
Ramón Orza - sound mix
Marcel Vaid - music

a Jacobs Foundation - Motorfilm Production

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