Keep Rollin’


Valentin is pretty pissed off! Having to use a wheelchair because of a snowboard accident is one thing, but being forced to take part in a theatre project for disabled people…? Unthinkable! There’s only one glimmer of hope – the pretty carer Mira. But there’s a problem: Mira is going out with slimy Marc.

Frustrated by himself and the world, Valentin resolves to raid the petrol station where Marc works.
Full of enthusiasm, his two disabled housemates, Lukas and Titus, offer to be his accomplices. This is the start of a wonderful friendship – and of an adventure with a completely uncertain outcome.

95 min - 2014

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“Wonderful. Politically incorrect!
Go and watch it!”

NDR Kultur

“A splendid and truthful film that shows how inclusion is not just an emotive expression, a UN convention. What also becomes apparent is that humour is the key to open even the most unwieldy of doors.”

Die Welt

Director’s note

“Our motto ‘Embrace your mistakes’ doesn’t just apply to the heroes of our films, but also to the whole team in front of and behind the camera, who are constantly encouraged to let themselves be surprised by the unexpected possibilities of improvisation and to take on the adventure of film with the courage to take risks.”

“The film is superb: funny, gentle and with drive.”         




Nominated as Best Feature Film - Hessian Film Awards, 2013
Castello d’Argente - Castellinaria, 27th International Youth FF Bellinzona, 2014 
Best Feature Film - International Disability FF, Moscow, 2014
Shortlisted as Swiss Oscar Entry for the Foreign Language Film category

Cast & Crew


with: Joel Basman, Bastian Wurbs, Nikki Rappl, Anna Unterberger, Isolde Fischer, Antonio Vigano, Ricardo Angelini, Anikó Donáth

Stefan Hillebrand, Oliver Paulus - screenplay
Stefan Hillebrand, Oliver Paulus - directors
Gregory Catella, Stefan Hillebrand, Oliver Paulus - producers
Pierre Mennel - director of photography
Zita Pichler - production design
Ana R. Fernandes, Nela Märki, Torsten Truscheit, Oliver Paulus - editors
Ramón Orza - sound design
Malte Zurbonsen - sound mix
Rodrigo Gonzalez, Marcel Vaid - music

a Motorfilm - Frischfilm Production

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