Level Up Your Life!


The life of Evelyn Moeller could actually be quite nice, if it weren’t for her boss who enjoys making her everyday work a living hell. But a crime isn’t a solution – at least not a very good one.

90 min
language: German

Keep Rollin’


Valentin, Titus and Nils want to rob a petrol station to prove to themselves – and the world – that they are not pitiful “spastics”. But robbery is not an easy venture, especially not when you sit in a wheelchair and even just a simple trip with the suburban train means an endless array of difficulties.

95 min
language: German, Italian

Tandoori Love


Sonja, a Swiss waitress in a countryside restaurant is engaged to her boss Markus. Their mushy mushy love is however disturbed when a Bollywood film crew lands up for a shoot in Switzerland and the highly gifted cook of the crew, Rajah woos Sonja relentlessly.

Madly in love with her, Rajah hires on as a chef at the “Hirschen”, not knowing that Sonja is engaged to Markus, his new boss. Neither does Markus know that his new chef is his fiancée’s lover.

93 min
language: German (Dialect), English, Hindi

So Long, My Heart!


The film relates the story of three people who get to know each other at their jobs at a Mannheim eldercare facility, and along the way learn the meaning of love.

90 min
language: German

When the Right One Comes Along


When Paula believes to have found the man of her dreams in Mustafa, a Turkish security guard, her quite ordinary life suddenly starts to change.

She mistakes politeness for love, however, and when Mustafa doesn’t show up at work one day she starts to look for him, stumbling into the greatest adventure of her life.

77 min
language: German, Turkish

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