Level Up Your Life! 


The life of Evelyn Moeller could actually be quite nice, if it weren’t for her boss who enjoys making her everyday work a living hell. But a crime isn’t a solution – at least not a very good one…

90 min - 2018

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“Pitch-dark and full of unexpected situational humour.”


“In a world where even the cocktails look terribly sad, the professional as well as the non-professional actors create a unique situational humour without cheap effects, whereupon the protagonists as well as the audience occasionally don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

NZZ, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Director’s note

“The basic idea for our movie was to put the very serious and tabooed subject bullying into a comedy context. Furthermore we wanted to tell the story of a female character who finds her happiness through a morally reprehensible behaviour.

We gave her two additional “underdogs” as companions and intertwined their destinies in the most quaint way possible: We wanted to have inconspicuous, accidental encounters and apparently insignificant misdemeanors to have a fatal and irreversible impact on the lives and deaths of our heroines.

Did you ever ask yourself which impact your actions may have on another person? Even if your actions happen completely unintentional and without any ulterior motive? And you maybe didn’t even meet this person ever?”

“While watching you won’t stop being flabbergasted.”


Cast & Crew


with: Sabine Reinhardt, Christoph Jungmann, Jim Libby, Isolde Fischer, Volker Heymann

Stefan Hillebrand, Oliver Paulus - screenplay
Stefan Hillebrand, Oliver Paulus - directors
Stefan Hillebrand, Oliver Paulus - producers
Daniela Knapp, Tom Schneider - director of photography
Ana R. Fernandes, Nela Märki, Torsten Truscheit, Oliver Paulus - editors
Ramón Orza - sound design
Stefan Korte - sound mix
Doc Wenz, Marcel Vaid - music

a Motorfilm - Frischfilm Production

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